Most fishermen that know me are aware of my love for the Quantum Cabo CLW20 trolling reel for my heavy Cat fishing reels. Also as those people also know, Quantum no longer manufactures those reels! The CLW-20 was just the right size, was smooth, had a great drag, held plenty of line and had a strong frame. Of course I still use the old ones I have and if a person were to want one I would suggest maybe checking out sites like E-Bay.



   I have been using some of the Fin-Nor OLF-16 Levelwind reels and they have all the same qualities plus they are bullet proof. Seriously, these reels are built to severe service standards since they are primarily for salt water anglers that want a level wind. They have the 4-1 gear ratio I love and have a drag that is even smoother than the Cabo but due to their heavier construction they weigh slightly more. However, I use these reels for anchor fishing when in currents that require sinkers in the 6-16oz. range therefore the extra weight is not a factor since the rod and reel spend waiting time in a Driftmaster rod holder. I spool these reels with 65 or 80 lb. High Seas Braid


   When I anchor in slow current or shallow water I like to use the lightest tackle possible mainly because I like the challenge of a good fight. In light tackle situations I am rarely using over a 3oz. sinker and hardly ever need over 100yds. of line capacity on the reel. Since I rarely use spinning tackle for Cat fishing, I use normal bait casting reels, (sometimes referred to as Bass reels or revolving spool reels), not that spinning reels won't work, I just prefer bait casting for about everything I fish for except when catching bait (Skipjack)..

   When I drift for Catfish I use the same light tackle reels but the rods are usually as light weight and as stiff as possible. I use Quantum EXO, Energy and Smoke Baitcasting reels in 100 or 200 sizes with 5.3-1 or 6.6-1 gear ratios. I like the 6.6-1 when drifting and the 5.3-1 while anchored. I spool all these reels with 40 lb. High Seas Braid.

   I have used Quantum products for a long time and have yet to have anyone in my boat loose a fish from a rod or reel failure. I will not use a reel that does not have a good drag. Why spend hours and hours of your valuable time fishing for that fish of a lifetime to loose it because of faulty equipment.

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